Fundamental Fashion Illustration
[English & Spanish]

Edited by Josep Minguet
August 2013
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788415829195
143 pages, Illustrated
$37.50 Paper original

This book brings together an extensive collection of models and poses which serve as a primary source of inspiration to develop a personal style. In the form of a collection of outfits, styles, prints and accessories, this exceptional range of articles take on their own personal shape when applied to a silhouette. Beginning with a simple 2D sketch of the garment, its subsequent use in the fashion sketch is seen to reveal some unexpected and sudden changes: the perception of weight changes when the model is standing, the volume is projected by movement and shading highlights hitherto unnoticed details. Only in a dynamic pose can we perceive the different angles visible in reality.



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