Franco Francese, 1920-1996
[English & Italian]

By Tino Gipponi, et al.
November 2011
Mondadori Electa
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788837079352
608 pages, Illustrated
$287.50 Hardcover

In the context of Italian 900, French occupies a place of particular importance. He belongs, even though a few years younger, the same generation of Guttuso, Morlotti, Cassinari and Birolli. His statement came after the war depended on the depth of his commitment, which gave him only rare moments of creative satisfaction. The results, however, since the 40s, they were already safe and self-expressive energy. This major monograph about a thousand works, curated by Tino Gipponi and Elena Pontiggia faces the intense activity of French that is roughly divided chronologically into five particular "moments": 1940-1947: searching for images allusive, symbolic, allegorical, expressing the sense of a looming threat, anguish, death, loneliness, 1948-1951: a search for forms cubisteggianti a trend after the war that has gurdato to "Guernica", 1952-1956: 1957-1959 realistic experience: crisis in the relationship with history, search for intimacy, nature, values ​​instinctual, 1960-1974: awareness of the complexity of reality, the synthesis of nature and history. That intertwine and overlap five themes: the theme of the city, the nature theme, the theme of the rural world, the theme of the human couple, the theme of the symbols bestial. The volume closes with an authoritative and rich anthology of literary criticism.



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