Ennio L. Chiggio, 1957-2011
Dislocamenti Amodoli

Edited by EL Fancalanci, et al.
June 2011
Mondadori Electa
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788837086824
262 pages, Illustrated
$72.50 Paper Original

From '62 conducts artist, graphic design and industrial design. In the early sixties the first collective experience, meeting with groups and Azimuth Motus, taking the mode of the "New Artistic Conception" and the impact on young people Enne with whom he founded a partnership that will see them together until '64 New Trends in the area of ​​Europe with the great protagonists of Schedule. In the end a momentous first digression leads the author to the world of music with the founding of the NPS Group. In recent years, the author opens the use of nanotechnology, uses computational processes and machines. Exposure summary of 2010 provides for the return to the world of art. One last discounting process is taking place in this period: Chiggio founded with Alviani, Massironi Landi and an "operator" called Alchimas. Defined by a mathematical formula it operates in the geometry being eclectic putting in mathematical models, which are enriched with all the complexity of the way of aesthetic thought to be enclosed within the abstract.



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