Cute Graffiti
[In English &Spanish]

Edited by Josep Minguet & Eva Minguet
April 2012
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788415223306
189 pages, Illustrated
$27.50 Hardcover

The Street Art turns the streets of major cities in exhibitions of outdoor art, producing a significant socio-cultural impact allows for a more universal, for people who had never set foot in a museum are absorbed by this macro-art exhibition. In the pages of this book will find all kinds of characters linked together by a concept that we define the word "CUTE" in Spanish "MONO". Collect a selection of works on the streets of cities around the world: Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Bilbao, Istanbul, Athens, San Pablo, Madrid ... on a wide selection of some of the best artists of the urban art scene and its characters more cute: FAFI, TVBOY, SAVAGE GIRL, CHU, 1980 CREW, MISS VAN, DIVA, LOLO, FISH, NANO 4814, FLYING FORTRESS, D'FACE LYLEA, BIRDIE , RING, RITA, BTOY, Sixeart, XUPET NEGRE, MEGAN, SPACE INVADERS, MONSIEUR ANDRE, KORALIE, CHANOIR, KEFLI, THELONDONPOLICE, OBEY GIANT ...

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