Berlin Ottanta
Pittura Irruente [English & Italian]
Museo Delle Arti Catanzaro

Edited by Alberto Fiz
October 2011
Mondadori Electa
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788837086848
252 pages, Illustrated
$89.50 Hardcover

The 1980s were years any to Berlin. If the center of the world, the city, at the side of the wall, was the center of Europe. In Kreuzberg and popular neighborhoods, young people across the continent were magnetized here by a deep sense of disquiet and change. Were the new Punk, but also young bourgeois who were meeting in a city where the excesses and creativity is not posed limits. The "Berlin Mishung", the "mixture of Kreuzberg" is the crucible of the arts, particularly music, cinema and painting. Here is the Group of young artists in Berlin with their painting strongly transgressive and provocative have transformed the aesthetics. It is precisely on this unique phase lived from art in Berlin that focuses the exhibition proposed by the brand of Catanzaro (30 April -9 October 2011).




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