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Social, Political & Legal Issues

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A-Z of Punishment & Torture

A-Level Politics Made Easy

A2 US Government & Politics: FlashRevise Pocketbook

AS UK Government & Politics: FlashRevise Pocketbook

Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood, 2012

Advanced Psychology: Applications, Issues & Perspectives, 2001
Angles on Child Psychology, 2001
Angles on Psychological Research, 2001

Applied Economics, 9th Edition
By Alan Griffiths & Stuart Wall, 2001

AS Law for AQA (2008)

AS Law for OCR (2008)

Behind the Crumbling Edge A View of the Nationalised Railway
By Stephen Poole, May 2002

Biological Psychology, 2012

Blueprints: Your Plan for Learning Land Law. 2014

Brief Introduction to US Politics (2006)

Brilliant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 2nd edition, 2015

BTEC National Public Serice, 2nd ed, March 2006.

Bullying, 3rd edition. A Practical Guide to Coping for School, 2002

Central Debates in British Politics, December 2002

Child Development, 2nd edition , 2006

Child Observation for Learning & Research, 2012

Choose Happiness: Ten Steps to Bring the Magic Back into Your Life

City of London in Retreat, 2014

Classic Case Studies in Psychology, 2nd edition

Climate Change and Society
By Raymond S. Bardley and Norman Law, July 2001

Cognitive Psychology (2008)

Cognitive Psychology, 2012

Commercial Law, 2nd edition, 2013

Comparative Politics: an Introduction, May 2002

Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology, 2012

Conspiracy History, 2014

Constitutional & Aministrative Law: UK Edition

Constitutional & Administrative Law, 6th UK edition, 2012

Constitutional & Administrative Law, 16th edition, 2015

Contract Law, 2nd UK ed., 2014 Roger Halson

Contract Law, 2nd UK ed., 2014 (Law Express)

Contract Law, 3rd UK edition, Finch & Fafinski 2013

Contract Law, 8th UK edition, 2011

Contract Law in the UK (2009)

Crime & Society in Britain, 2nd edition, 2011

Criminal Justice: An Introduction to the Criminal Justice System in England & Wales, 3rd Edition
By Malcolm Davies, et al. December 2005

Criminal Law, 2nd UK edition (2009)

Criminal Law, 3rd UK edition (2009)

Criminal Law, 10th UK edition, 2014

Criminology, 3rd edition, 2010

Cultural Studies
By Philip Bounds, August 2002

Cultural Turns / Geographical Turns: Perspectives on Cultural Geography
By Simon Naylor, February 2000

Decline of the Scottish Conservative Party, 2016

Developmental Psychology, 2012

Dictionary of Law, 6th Edition Theory and Practice
By L.B. Curzon, January 2002

Dinosaur's Guide to Libertarianism, 2014

Discerning Gentleman's Guidebook to Britain's American Colonies, 2015

Discovery: Foundation Edition Textbook
By Jon Mayled, Libby Ahluwalia October 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7157-3

Discovery Study Guide OCR GCSE RS -- Specification B
By Jon Mayled, Libby Ahluwalia October 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7341-X

Dispossessed, the Never-Possessed & the Bastards, 2014

Drug Education Teacher's Edition
By Graham Davies, October 2000

Eastern & Southern Africa: Development Challenges in a Volatile Region, December 2003

Edexcel A2 Psychology Student Unit Guide: Unit 4 New Edition, How Psychology Works, 2012

Edexcel Government & Politics for A2: Ideologies

Edexcel Government & Politics in the UK for AS

Education For The Inevitable, 2011

Employment Law, 2nd UK ed., 2013

Employment Law, 4th UK edition by Malcolm Sargeant

Employment Law in the UK (2009)

Energy Issue, 2011

English Legal System [Studymates Ltd.]
By Stephen Hardy, October 2001

English Legal System, June 2007

English Legal System, 5th edition

English Legal System, 16th Edition, 2015

Environmental Law

Equity & Trusts, 2nd UK edition

Essential GCSE Geography:
Current Issues, Future Scenarios, 2001

Essential Guide to Taking Care of Behaviour, 2nd edition

Essentials of Community Care
May 2000
Ethical Studies: A Complete Guide to Theories & Issues , 2001

Ethical Studies, 2nd edition, June 2004

Ethical Theory, 3rd Edition August 2008

EU & UK Competition Law, 2nd ed., 2013

EU Law, 2nd UK ed., 2013

EU Law, 3rd edition, 2013

Europe: Lives in Transition, December 2003

European Union, 7th Edition, March 2004

European Union & You

Evolutionary Psychology, 2013

Exploring Constitutional & Administrative Law, 2014

Family Law, 7th UK ed., 2015

Family Law, 2nd UK ed., 2013

Farming, Food and Famine
By Michael Witherick, with Sue Warn, July 2001

Feminist Perspectives on Disability
By Barbara Fawcett, February 2000

Freeing the Innocent: From Bangkok Hilton to Guantanamo, 2015

French Legal System, 2nd edition (2006)

Feminist Perspectives on Sociology, December 2004

Fifties & Sixties: A Lifestyle Revolution, 2001

Food & Famine , 2010

Free Country?, 2015

Further Up the Inverted Pyramid, 2013

General Studies for AQA AS Level Series: Society, Politics and the Economy
By Robert Dransfield, et al. October 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7122-0

Geographical Thought, 2011

Geography AQA/AS

Global City & the Holy City: Narratives on Knowledge,
Planning & Diversity in London & Jerusalem, November 2002


Government & Politics: UK Edition, September 2005
Great Quest: A Search for a Better Society, September 2003

Handbook for Interprofessional Practice in the Human Services, 2012

Heads & Hearts: An Inquiry into Integrity

Health and Social Care for Foundation GNVQ, 2nd Edition
By Liam Clarke, June 2000

Health Promotion: Professional Perspectives, 2nd Edition
Edited By Angela Scriven & Judy Orme, August 2001

Historical Study of Women, 2010

Housing & Planning Yearbook 2006, UK Edition
Human Rights: An Introduction, June 2002

Human Rights & Civil Liberties, 3rd edition, 2011

Human Rights in the UK, 4th edition, 2013

Individuals & Societies: MYP by Concept 1, 2016

Information & Communication Technology , 2010

Inorganic Chemistry, 4th edition, 2013

Intellectual Property, 8th edition, 2010

Intellectual Property Law in the UK

International Economics: Theories, Themes & Debates
By Kevin Lawler & Hamid Seddighi, 2001

International Human Rights Law, November 2003

International Human Rights Law, 2nd edition

Introducing Cultural Studies, 2nd edition

Introducing Social Policy, 2nd edition

Introducing Sociological Theory, 2011

Introduction to Forensic & Criminal Psychology, 5th edition, 2015

Intrduction to Geographical Information Systems, 4th edition, 2011

Introduction to Human Geography, 4th edition, 2012

Introduction to International Relations Theory, 3rd edition

Introduction to Land Law, 2nd UK edition, 2010

Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology, 4th edition, 2014

Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Psychology

Introduction to Research Methods & Data Analysis in Psychology, 3rd ed., 2013
Introduction to SPSS in Psychology, 4th edition (2008)

Introduction to Statistics in Psychology, 3rd Edition, December 2005

Is Mankind Intelligent Yet?, 2010

Key Geography Basics Activity Masters
By Tony Bushell, April 2000

Key Geography Places Teacher's Edition
By David Waugh and Tony Bushell October 2000
Key Geography: New Places (2006)
Key Geography Places Scottish Edition
By David Waugh and Tony Bushell with Chris Peyton and Alasdair McLelland, October 2000
Key Ideas in Politics, 2nd ed., March 2006

Key Ideas in Sociology
By Martin Slattery November 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-6565-4

Land Law: European Edition, January 2008

Land Law, 4th UK edition, 2012

Landscapes of Defence, September 2000

Law for Business Students, 5th UK edition (2008)

Law for Journalists, 5th UK edition, 2015

Law of Contract, 8th edition [UK 2007 Edition]

Law of the European Union, 8th edition, 2010

Law of European Union, 4th edition
P.Kent (2009)

Leadership & Management, September 2006

Legal English, 2nd UK edition, 2011

Legal Philosophy, 2013

Leisure: An Introduction

Living Economy: Reuters Guide to the Economy of Modern Britain, 2001
Living Geography, Students' Books 1-3
By James Dobson, John Sander, Judith Woodfield, December 2000
Living Geography, Homework and Assessment Books 1-3
By James Dobson, John Sander and Judith Woodfield, May 2001

Locust Years Annals of a UN Wife
By Maureen McBain, February 2002

Lone Parent Families: Women, Children & the State, November 2001
Longman Dictionary of Law, 8th edition, 2011
Managing in Health Care: A Guide for
Nurses, Midwives & Health Visitors, November 2001

Market Killing: What the Free Market Does & What Social Scientists Can Do About It
Edited by Greg Philo & David Miller, Oct 2000

Mastering Geography
By Paul Ganderton, March 2000
Mastering Social Welfare, 4th Edition
By Pat Young, June 2000

Media, 3rd edition, 2010

Medical Law in the UK (2009)

Media Studies, 2nd edition, 2012

Microeconomics, 6th edition, 2012

Modern Diplomacy, 4th edition, 2013

More Than the Soil: Rural Change in SE Asia
By Jonathan Rigg, Nov 2000

Moving Probation Forward: Evidence, Arguments & Practice in the UK, December 2003

Narcissism: Behind the Mask, 2015

New Wider World (Foundation Edition)
By David Waugh & Tony Bushell, July 2001

New Wider World (Foundation Edition) Teacher's Resource Book
By David Waugh and Tony Bushell, July 2001

No News is Bad News: Radio, Television & the Public
Edited by Michael Bromley & Hugh Stevenson, April 2001

No-One Land: Israel / Palestine 2000-2002, 2012

Occupational Psychology, 2013

Occupational Psychology, 2014

OCR Media for AS Studies, 3rd edition

OCR Psychology Student Guide 1: Component 1: Research Methods, 2015

On the Road: The Art of the Journey, January 2005

Our Son from Afar: The Long Road to Adoption

People in Society Modern Studies for S1 and S2
By Helen Grant & Stephen Sinclair November 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7161-1
People & Place: The Extraordinary Geographies of Everyday Life
By Lewis Holloway & Phil Hubbard, August 2002

Personality, Individual Differences & Intelligence, 3rd edition, 2013

Place and People Comparative Case Studies
By David Waugh, May 2000

Political Geography, 6th edition, 2011

Politics on the Web: A Student Guide, June 2003

Politics USA, 2nd edition (2006)

Population & Migration, 2nd edition , 2011

Practical Guide to Equal Opportunities 2nd Edition
By Hyacinth Malik September 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7079-8

Prenatal Diagnosis -- The Human Side, Second Edition
By Lenore Abramsky & Dr Jean Chapple September 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-6555-7

Property Law,6th UK edition (2009)

Protein Crunch

Psychobabble: Exploding the Myths of the Self-Help Generation, 2012

Psychology, 5th ed., 2013

Psychology A2 -- The Complete Companion (AQA 'A' Specification)
By Mike Cardwell & Cara Flanagan September 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7344-4

Psychology AQA(A) A2, 2010

Psychology: AQA (A) AS

Psychology for AS - The Complete Companion AQA 'A' Specification
By Mike Cardwell & Cara Flanagan September 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-6747-9

Psychology AS - The Exam Companion AQA 'A' Specification
By Mike Cardwell & Cara Flanagan September 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7420-3

Psychology AS for OCR, 2011

Psychology AS The Mini Companion AQA 'A'Specification
By Mike Cardwell & Cara Flanagan September 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7543-9

Public Policy Process, 6th edition, 2013

Racism & Ethnicity, 2010

Racism, Crime & Criminal Justice
By Benjamin Bowling, November 2001

Reflective Pratice & Early Years Professionalism, 3rd edition, 2016

Reframing Migrant Integration, 2013

Research Made Real A Guide for Students
By Mark Walsh, October 2001

Research Methods in Psychology, 2012

Rights & Protest, 2015

Rise of UKIP: A Look at Britain's New Political Party, 2015

Road to Freedom, 2015

Rules of Love, 2nd edition, 2013

Rules of Parenting: A Personal Code of Bringing up Happy, Confident Children, 2016

Russian Politics & Society
December 2001

Sassenach's Escape Manual, 2015

Saving the Pound? Britain's Road to Monetary Union
By Alasdair Blair, June 2002

Secret Life of Cities:
The Social Reproduction of Everyday Life, March 2001

Sex Education Teacher's Guide
Edited by Graham Davies, July 2001

Sex, Politics & Society, 3rd edition, 2012

Smith & Keenan's Company Law, 16th UK ed., 2014

Smith and Keenan's English Law, 13th Edition
By Denis Keenan, December 2001

Smith & Keenan's English Law: Text & Cases. 15th edition

Smith & Keenan's English Law, 16th edition

Social Democracy & the Working Class in 19th & 20th Century Germany, August 2000

Social Ethics

Social Marketing, 2013

Social Psychology, 2012 (Psychology Express)

Social Psychology, 7th Edition, 2013

Social Psychology: Traditional & Critical Perspectives, 2012

Social Policy: Issues & Developments in the UK, December 2005

Social Services Yearbook. 2007 UK Edition, June 2007

Social Welfare Alive! 3rd Edition
By Stephen Moore, July 2002

Social Work, 2nd edition, 2011

Social Work Law, 4th UK edition, 2015

Society & Exploitation Through Nature
By Martin Phillips & Tim Mighall, May 2000

Sociology: A Global Introduction, 3rd Edition
By John J. Macionis & Ken Plummer, December 2005

Sociology, 5th ed.
Making Sense of Society, 2013

Sociology Alive! 3rd Edition
By Stephen Moore, July 2001
Sociology AS - The Complete Companion (AQA)
By Jonathan Blundell, et al. October 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7212-X
Sociology of Healthcare, November 2001
Sociology of Sport Theory and Practice
Edited by Robyn L. Jones and Kathleen M. Armour, December 2000

Sociology on the Web: A Student Guide, December 2002
South Asia in a Globalising World: A Reconstructed Regional Geography
By Bob Bradnock & Glynn Williams, Feb 2002

Spotter's Guide to Sound Government Policies, 2015

Statistics in Psychology, 2012

Statistics Without Maths for Psychology, 6th edition, 2014

Superpowers, 2010

Supreme Paradox A Book for the Third Millennium
By Jonathan Sage, November 2001

Taking Out the Violence:
Shedding Light on the Science & Soul of Human Behavior, June 2003

The Reward Society, 2012

Theory & Practice in Sociology, May 2002

This is Citizenship 2: Pupil Book, 2nd ed., 2008

Three Perspectives on Human Irrationality: The Book of Rules, 2015

Tomorrow's Global Community How the Information Deluge is Transforming Business and Government
By Jim Mann, Oct. 1998

Top Ten Reasons to Leave the EU, 2014

Tort Law, 6th edition [UK 2007 Edition], September 2007

Tort Law in the UK, June 2007

Tort Law, 4th edition, 2014

Tort Law, 8th UK edition, 2011

Tourism: Rethinking the Social Science of Mobility
By Michael C. Hall, Dec 2004

UK Government & Politics , 2010

UK Government & Politics, 3rd edition

UK Government & Politics Annual Survey 2010

Understanding & Doing Successful Research, 2012

Understanding Body Language, revised edition

Understanding Child Development 0-8 Years, 4th edition, 2016

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Philosophy for AS Level AQA
By Chris Hamilton October 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-6560-3

Understanding Poverty, 3rd Edition
By Jo Campling, December 2006

Understanding Social Work Preparing for Practice
By Neil Thompson, March 2000

Unlocking Criminal Law, 3rd UK edition , 2010

Unlocking EU Law, 4th ed., 2014

Unlocking Land Law, 3rd UK edition, 2010

Unlocking the English Legal System, 3rd edition, 2010

Unlocking Torts, 3rd UK edition, 2010

Unlocking Trusts, 3rd UK edition, 2010

US Government & Politics , 2010

US Supreme Court: A2 Government & Politics

Victims & Victimology: Research, Policy & Practice, April 2005

Webs of Influence, 2012

Welfare Rights & Social Policy, May 2002
West African Worlds: Paths Through Socio-Economic Change, Livelihoods & Development, December 2005

Women & Ageing in British Society Since 1500
By Lynn Botelho & Pat Thane, Jan 2001

Women & Dramatic Production 1550-1700, May 2000

Women, Rights & Society, 2011

Women's Guide to Saving the World

Your Psychology Project Handbook, 2nd edition, 2012